Adult Visual Arts

Adult Visual Arts class combines art foundation instruction with individual artistic development.

This class combines art foundation instruction with individual development. It is primarily designed for adults who would like to enrich their foundation in casual art while developing a comprehensive art portfolio of their own. Instructors in this class can assist in graduate school admission and exhibition preparation.

Students in this class have a choice of oil, acrylic, watercolor, collage media, charcoal, pencil, found objects and much more. Instruction focuses on basic art foundations such as observational drawing, color theory, the elements of design, and other technical skills. Students are given feedback that will allow them to develop visual problem-solving, critical thinking and conceptual development. Students in this class work on individual projects and often choose to develop an autonomous body of work.

We are currently having open registration for this class. We haven’t started the class yet, but once we have a minimum┬ánumber of students, we will start from then for 8-weeks. We suggest to submit your registration first if you are interested so that we know who is going to participate for upcoming class. Please feel free to reach to us for more information.


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