We believe that every student, young or old, should start with learning the foundations of visual art as a way to uncover his or her unique artistic style.


Classes at the studio focus on the foundations of art as well as emphasize the autotomy, creativity, and self-expressive identities of the artist.

Each class offered at OpenArt Studio (Expressionists, Art Foundations, Portfolio Prep, and Adult Visual Arts), will have a basis on this philosophy. What is taught to the students will depend on which class he or she is placed under upon registration.

Expressionists (Age 5-10)

Expressionists classes are focused on fostering creativity and encouraging each student to explore their expressive potential. Expressionist classes are split into ages 5-7 and 8-10 and introduce to a wide variety of media, techniques and artists.

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Art Foundations (grade 6-8)

Students enrolled in Art Foundations are guided to build upon their raw expressive potential and develop painting, drawing, sculpting and mixed-media technique.

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Portfolio Prep (grade 9-12)

Portfolio Prep students will create one-of-a-kind portfolios that are founded in a strong technical use of visual media and highlight each student’s unique character. Instruction focuses on building a solid technical foundation and engaging in conceptual development.

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Adult Visual Arts

This class combines art foundation instruction with individual artistic development. It is designed for adults who would like to enrich their foundation in visual art while developing a comprehensive body of work.

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